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Rosa Jordan author of the 2011 OBOK

Rosa Jordan is the author of this year's OBOK, Far from Botany Bay.

Rosa Jordan About....

Rosa Jordan grew up in the Florida Everglades, earned degrees from universities in California and Mexico, and immigrated to Canada in 1980 Initially she was a freelance journalist but began writing books in 1996. In the 15 years since she has had eight books published: two non-fiction books co-authored with her partner Derek Choukalos, one autobiographical book about her travels in Latin America, four novels for young readers, and FAR FROM BOTANY BAY, her first novel for adults. She has also written one award-winning movie screenplay. Details can be found on her website,


Rosa and Derek live, write, ski, and cycle in the Monashee Mountains of British Columbia.


Photo by Larry Doell, Rossland, BC





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