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Far From Botany Bay - OBOK 2011

Far from Botany Bay has been selected OBOK 2011 by Kootenay/Boundary readers.

One Book One Kootenay 2011 Winner Announced—and coming to a library near you


About Far From Botany Bay

Adventure, historical novel, page-turner – Rosa Jordan’s Far from Botany Bay is all these and more.

Mary Broad is a resourceful leader of men, at a time - late 1700’s, when a poor prisoner, never mind a woman, would find it almost impossible to be master of their own destiny.

Her ingenuity and fortitude takes her from the prisoner’s dock in Cornwall, to the Penal Colony of Botany Bay, on a dramatic high seas escape, to the residence of a Dutch Colonial governor and finally to back to England. The price is often high, but failure is not an option.

It is an exciting book, that must be read to be appreciated. Enjoy.

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